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Greater Harrisburg, PA Heating Oil and Equipment Service

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We not only provide the best in oil delivery in PA, but we install and service heating oil and gas equipment. We feature oil furnaces with lifetime heat exchanger warranties. Many applications may be "direct vent", not requiring a chimney. Our professionally trained consultants will show you the most efficient source for heating and cooling your environment.

When searching for heating oil service or HVAC in Harrisburg and other nearby locations you must find a provider that combines the best technical knowledge with quality customer service. Our customers receive 24 hour emergency service 365 days a year and our telephone dispatched trucks are at your service. Our employees receive constant training to ensure you receive the highest quality service in the area. We're there when you need us.  

Annual furnace cleanings of residential and commercial heating and cooling equipment will maintain peak efficiency, and prolong your equipment's life.  

ENERGY CONSERVATION is an important part of our business. The industry constantly introduces new ways to conserve in homes and offices such as.
• Set-Back Thermostats
• Zoned Systems
• Humidifiers
• High Performance Air Filters

Our technicians install and service steam and hot water boilers for oil and gas. If you prefer, we also offer indirect domestic water heating, radiant in-floor heating and snow melt.

From a small home to a large office, Keystone Oil has designed & installed thousands of residential & commercial cooling systems. 

Air-to-air pump systems any size capacity, to keep your environment cool in the summer and warm in the winter. Heat pumps are popular for economical comfort.

An onsite fabrication facility.  
This allows for prompt production of sheet metal and fiberglass.



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