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About Our Home Heating Oil

Keystone Oil is a full service, locally owned and operated, home heating oil company.  We offer automatic oil delivery PA Greater Harrisburg and the surrounding areas.  Our Harrisburg PA heating oil is always competitively priced and we offer several payment options.  Contact us today at 717-737-3451 for heating oil prices Harrisburg PA area...serving the East and West Shore and beyond.  

Over 90+ Years of Professional Experience

Delivery Options

Lock-In Pricing

Payment Options

We offer Automatic Delivery Service, or if you prefer, you can call us when you are ready for delivery.
This program is offered for a limited time during the spring/summer for the upcoming season. Please contact our office to verify if the program is still available and for the current lock-in heating oil prices for your area.  
Credit approval is required to participate in each of the payment plans

12 Month Budget Plan

Budget customers make twelve (12) equal payments (based on your prior year usage) from September through August (payments are due by the 15th of each month). Your account will be charged the delivery date’s price for oil deliveries. At the end of the season, if you used more than your budget payments accounted for, you will make a lump sum payment to cover the difference (if you used less, then the credit on your account will be available for the following budget season). Please Note: This is a twelve month plan - it is not offered mid-season.

Other Option: If you prefer the option of calling when you want a delivery, and like to "pay-as-you-go", consider our "WILL CALL/COD" division:    
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*Payment plans are in effect as of 07/13/2018. 
Plans are subject to change. Contact our office for more information*